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Million Dollar Publicity Course Testimonials

"Several years ago at a marketing seminar, I discovered 'the guru of free publicity', Paul Hartunian. Paul didn't just talk about being a publicity expert — he proved it. He had with him hundreds of newspaper and magazine articles that had been written about him. He showed us video clips of him on national television shows.

I immediately invested in Paul's course and began duplicating his techniques within days.

Paul's secrets have created more than $60,300 of free publicity for me!"

       Terry Hunefeld, President, REMG
"Paul Hartunian has been on Donahue, Regis, Jenny Jones, all the major talk shows, CNN, thousands of radio stations, written up in Forbes and USA Today, sold everything from 'romance' to the Brooklyn Bridge with free advertising, and can do more with a one-page, dirt-cheap faxed press release than anybody on the planet.

If you want to make yourself, your product or your business famous, in your town or worldwide, Paul's the guy who can tell you how to make it happen — fast!"

        Dan Kennedy — Marketing genius
"Paul — Here are a few of the successes I've had using your system: KLBJ radio, Austin, Texas — 15 minutes turned into 50 minutes. I picked up 157 appointments, closed 22 out of 23 last week — my biggest week in my 2 year history. Over $13,000 in fees generated in one week!!! I'd take that in a month!

Front page — full featured article in West Austin News. Inside cover — 1/2 page featured article in Upscale Austin magazine.

2 more radio shows, 1 TV show and 2 more newspaper 'features' to go!

Paul, it only gets better doing what you say to do. Thanks!"

       Mike Coy, President, CA$H For College
"I was featured in the Arcadia (CA) Weekly. They used my press release and bio as a starter. I'll be doing bi-weekly articles on medical insurance, estate planning and life insurance. Thanks, you've done it again!"

       Erit McTernan, President, Employer Benefits Marketing, Inc.
"I did an interview on a major radio station here in Chicagoland. We taped the show and it aired on a Sunday morning at 7 AM. Not a great time slot. The next day, Monday, I was on the phone all day talking to people who heard the show. At last count I had over 86 people call me!!! New prospects to talk to!!! No postcards to send, no cost for stamps, and no labor to pay. My kind of system!! Paul Hartunian's press release methods gets me the leads!"

       Rey Cruz, CFP
"Paul, I wanted to let you know about our great success in using your publicity system. We only faxed to our local media...and here are the results: We faxed 34 press releases and have booked two radio interviews (with top radio stations) and the biggest TV station in our market! This is our first attempt and we are pretty excited about the results. We want to thank you for sharing this valuable information with us...we are convinced that not only does your system work, but that we couldn't have afforded to pay for all the publicity that we are getting."

       Bill Duffy, CFA, Ltd.
"$70,000 worth of sales in less than 5 months with ZERO advertising costs...I will never do it another way...Thank you, thank you, thank you for the guidance and information you have provided me. What you have written in the course WORKS!!!"

       Phil Maynard, President, Mountain Meadow Enterprises, Inc.
"Wow — Thank you so much for your outstanding Publicity System!"

       Noah St. John, Hadley, MA
"I just had to write you a brief note to thank you and tell anybody who doesn't believe that your course on getting FREE PUBLICITY is worth the investment is just plain wrong!

I wrote two press releases and faxed one of them to three magazines...
I faxed them on Wednesday.

I had my first one hour telephone interview on Thursday morning! Unbelievable...I knew your stuff was going to work. I now know it's true...

Again, thanks a lot. I know my businesses will all be more successful with ZERO marketing cost because of what you've taught me."

       Jeff Paul, President PPS
"Enclosed is my first press release for my chimney business. I sent only one. I sent it to our major paper, the Atlanta Journal & Constitution. I got interviewed and the article will appear in a week. What can I say? Your stuff works!!!"

       Livtar Khalsa, Roswell, GA
"Rarely am I at a loss for words, however it is difficult to describe the impact publicity has had on my business and also my personal life. Taking your advice and implementing what you have taught me was the missing ingredient in my wealth building strategy...

This publicity is amazing! I sent out a set of 60-80 faxes 10 days ago. I have already done two interviews. One at a 100,000 watt station and one at a 30,000 watt station. I have interviews booked for another three stations in the 100,000 watt range...

Thanks again for the great course. If a person follows your instructions, they are guaranteed to have as much fortune and fame as they deserve!"

       David Favor, Austin, TX
"I wrote a press release, just the way you described, and faxed it to several of the numbers on the list. WITHIN THE HOUR I had a response from Sally Jessy Raphael's show...

I received a call from the Phil Donahue Show the next day as well...

I am really a believer now."

       Amy Tuter, MD, Sharon, MA
"Just a quick note to keep you updated on the continued success I'm having with your course:

My Valentine's Day...release got more press than anything I've done so far. I did almost 75 radio interviews (including WGN in the midwest — a MONSTER station).

I was written up in the following papers: NY Post (headline of Cindy Adams column), LA Daily News, Atlanta Journal & Constitution, Kansas City Star, Reno-Gazette-Journal (which gave me the ENTIRE column — UNBELIEVABLE response from all over Nevada), Tampa Tribune, St. Petersburg Times, The Des Moines Register, Connecticut Post, The Charlotte Observer, etc.

Plus — 5 TV stations at least which showed my product and flashed my toll-free telephone number on the screen.


       Jay Kamhi, President, Platypus Marketing
"For years I've watched enviously as my competitors have gotten super press coverage for their businesses while my company got very little. I waded through piles of books on PR and never passed up an article on the subject, but little of the advice made much sense and none of it worked.

Paul, Your material is a whole different story!

Just one of the many ideas you shared helped me to create a simple lead generation system that nets me between $2,500 and $3,500 per month like clockwork and I've barely got going with it...

When I think of the misguided companies that spend thousands of dollars on "professional" PR advice, I have to laugh. They can get 100 times more value from your program for what amounts to pocket change."

       Ken McCarthy, President of E-Media
"When it comes to getting free publicity, there's no one better at it than Paul Hartunian."

       Bob Serling, World renowned marketer
"I just got your home study course yesterday. I've barely listened to the first two tapes and already have gotten results from your materials."

       Don Enck, Tempe, AZ
"Anyone can become an authority on something and become a celebrity. Paul has the complete program to succeed."

       Linnea Russell, Peshastin, WA
I just had to write to say a very warm thank you.

I watched your DVD "How To Get $1M Worth Of Free Publicity" and followed the advice on the DVD and in your newsletter.

As a result I was interviewed on around 10 radio stations, 1 television station, made the front page of the local paper at least 3 times AND...

I now have a regular spot lasting for around 2 hours on 40 radio stations across Australia.

Your publicity secrets are genuine, hardcore gold.

How much would 40 commercial stations across Australia for over 2 hours cost?

I honestly don't know but my guess would be over $100,000 and I get this exposure regularly.

In fact they replay parts of my show giving me even more publicity.

And it all started with your press release formula.

       Andrew Cavanagh
Having spent money on both yours and Cory Rudl's marketing packs etc to help us grow our business www.sublimeaccessories.com we have now started our own business www.fixmybusiness.com.au offering online support for small businesses and guess what our biggest money making portion is: Writing Press Releases for others!!!!!!!! Amazing I have gone from having no idea to writing them for other businesses and receiving amazing results and feedback! Thank you.

       Kathie Holmes
I work as a Marketing Resultant and Success Coach for entrepreneurs and the real estate industry. My friend in Scottsdale did one of my/your releases for his business, which several "professionals" said was ridiculous and he'd look foolish. He mentioned the Donald Trump property that is supposed to be the most expensive ever, and compared himself as an agent that focuses on Luxury properties in Scottsdale.

On Friday, Feb 3rd, he called and said that the Wall Street Journal and Barron's are looking to do an article on him! Not to mention the several thousand visits his article got from Google News.

       Jim Chianese
In July (before I read your materials) I posted a news release on PRWEB.COM to promote an idea I had for a DVD about internet identity theft protection. I got four orders. Pathetic.

...and I thought I knew what I was doing.

After reading your materials last week I changed my headline to mirror a direct response headline (instead of a boring "professional" headline), changed the order of the paragraphs in the release to match what you said, and then resubmitted the release to PRWEB.com

The result?

So far 1210 requests for the DVD have been received. And the release hasn't even been posted for 24 hours yet!!!!

Thanks Paul for selling over 1200 copies of my DVD in less than 24 hours!!

       Andre Bell

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Two weeks ago I sent you the first press release I have ever written for your review. You kindly sent me a two page critique with suggestions. I made the suggested changes and faxed out about 50 press releases on Thursday.

I was the feature on today's PAUL HARVEY commentary!!! Believe it or not, they ran "exactly" what was on the press release and never even called for an interview. I had no idea I was featured until I called my voice mail box today at lunch and heard "your voice mail box is full ... no new messages can be accepted." I started returning phone calls and only then did I find out from a caller that I had been on this mornings Paul Harvey radio broadcast. Paul Harvey's secretary called a little later to ay their switchboard was flooded with calls because he didn't give out my contact information on-air. She said they had been giving out my number all morning and hoped "that it was OK with me!"

Man o' man, this stuff works!

Thanks again and feel free to use me as a reference.

       Dr. Edward L. Paul, Jr.
Since I bought your stuff at Megabook Marketing in April of last year I've gotten about 30 plus interviews from radio, TV, newspaper and other avenues. It really helped me get started. It's a very good system.

       Frank Polancic
I just received the press release manual for massage therapist. I love it! It opened my eyes to things I wasn't aware of. I'm writing multiple press release at the moment and I can't wait to tell you my future success stories.

       Jeff Sauers
Just wanted to drop you a line about the incredible publicity I've gotten with my new Napoleon Dynamite Talking Doll and pen. I've been in Newsweek, NY Newsday (which in turn was syndicated to dozens of other papers across the USA), 2 pages starting on the cover of the Tampa Tribune, full page in the Cincinnati Enquier, last Sunday was two pages in the Washington Post, and a few weeks ago the AP did a story which went to hundreds of radio stations all over the USA and Canada.

What's great is that they all show pictures of my products, give out my website address, and give me the credibility that I need for customers to want to buy off the site. In two weeks the Atlanta Journal-Constitution is doing something on us.

I've only given you half of what has been done with this product PR wise. There are so many papers that have run stories that I can't keep track of it!

How does this translate in dollars? I've sold almost $90,000 just in consumer sales on my site in about a month! Keep in mind, I have NO experience in consumer websites since I am only a manufacturer/wholesaler. These are all referrals from press article and links on radio station websites. So these numbers are pretty darn good. The big numbers come from wholesale sales to major chains which total over a million dollars right now!

I always tip my hat to the people who helped me, and you certainly did. Thanks again, Paul!

       Jay Kamhi

Click Here To Order Your Kit Now!

Jay Kamhi here, the mouse-man. Hope you're doing great! Just wanted to let you know some successes on the press front:

1. Jay Leno had my Mousinator Spice Mice on his show last night and played with it for about a minute.

2. A/P and dozens of others are running a story on my new Napoleon Dynamite Talking Doll and Talking Pen. I can't keep up with the response! See www.funtalking.com I think this might be my Brooklyn Bridge :-)

       Regards, Jay
Paul, I wanted to let you know I ordered your publicity materials recently and I have already gotten at least $2,000 (estimate) of free publicity.

Using your system has enabled me to distinguish myself in the crowded field of financial planning. I use reprints of the materials to further expand the use of the credibility and it is working.

Thank you very much.

Stephen Lomsdalen,ChFC
Lomsdalen Wealth Management
Well, I was on national TV again last week and will be again in the middle of June. The funny part is, I didn't know until I woke up and checked my email. It's great fun to find you've made several thousand dollars just snoozing.

Here's the story...

The Food Network was here last May and shot two different segments for their show, "Unwrapped". One is titled, Playing With Food" and the other is, "Food Anatomy". They're all about my goofy novelty products at SpecialEffectsCookbook.com, namely the Special Effects Cookbooks and the Eat Yer Face Gelatin Mold. The shows first aired last year during hurricane season here in Florida and blew a boatload of cash into my bank account. This is The Holy Grail for foodies.

Since then, the shows repeat and I never know when until I wake up and see all the orders. I just checked their website and discovered they will be airing the "Playing with Food" segment again on June 13 at 9:30PM, June 14 at 1:30AM and June 22 at 7:30PM.

Last Halloween, the local paper did a full page story on me that was teased the day before on the front page! I've got a cardboard moving carton full of other stories done on me the last few years.

I just wanted you to know how well one of your early students is doing and say thanks again for teaching me how to do publicity.

       Mike Samonek

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Just ONE press release has recently gotten me/my company written up in over 25 major publications, including FORTUNE, The Chicago Sun Times, The L.A. Business Journal, Smart Business, etc. etc!

Adam Christing, President
Last Sunday we got one of our authors a full page in the St. Paul Pioneer Press living section. Lemme see. Last time I looked, their ad rate was running about $10,000 a page. Not bad. And they mentioned Tyborne Hill at the very top of the article, as well as in the article (which was the author's doing, but still).

That was as the result of a single fax. release "Schools Abuse Handicapped Kids Daily."

       Rafe Serebreny
Thanks for the newsletter.

I followed your advice and had a one page article published by one of the largest farm magazine publishers in the U.S (I sell crop insurance). They adjusted my article to make it look like they wrote it which gave me great 3rd party justification.(plus the free page of advertising)

They mailed it to 170,000 subscribers who average $2 - 3 million in Assets. (If I would have mailed a letter to every subscriber it would have cost me over $60,000.

They added it to their website and are adding my website to their link pages.

We have been contacted by prospects that saw the article and we have mailed copies of the article to all or our clients. It changed the way everyone looks at our business.

And I have asked by the magazine to submit other articles in the future.

Thanks again.

Bob Betzelberger
Crop Insurance Specialists
I'm living the life of my dreams and it is all coming together thanks to your program.

       Rob Russell

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I bought your program about a month ago and put it to work right away. I started a marketing co called Kurjata Marketing group Inc. One of my clients is a vet clinic. Very innovative place...

I crafted a release following your formula and faxed it to the local media here in Edmonton AB. The phone began ringing the next morning. They were on all of the TV stations, 1/2 page pieces in the 2 daily papers, interviewed on several radio stations, and talked about throughout several days on other radio shows. Even one of the national papers - the Globe & Mail did an article. All totaled I estimate they got roughly $20,000.00 worth of free advertising for their clinic. It was great for their clients and exposed them (my client) to the power of publicity...

Thanks for teaching good stuff!

Greg Kurjata
Greg Kurjata Marketing Group Inc
I love your work. My husband ordered your publicity package many moons ago. My first attempt at obtaining publicity landed my press release in a small biz magazine, which lead to around $700-$800 a month in increased sales for a long time. Absolutely fantastic!

       Alexis Dawes
I just wanted to "THANK YOU" for always taking the high ground and speaking the truth. Scare tactics, get rich quick schemes, and other scummy programs all turn my stomach as well. Your program is absolutely the best I've ever purchased - keep up the great work!

       Mike Estes
Thanks for your critique of my press release on Restylane. After using your suggested changes I got coverage on the major local news program (ABC affiliate) and a front page article in the major Minneapolis (Star and Tribune) newspaper. Both included my website and office telephone number!!!!!

Phones ringing off the hook, so far I've done about 25,000.00 in business from the two. Thanks a million for you expert help and guidance. Your systems are worth their weight in gold. I can't thank you enough.

       Dr. Charles Crutchfield
I just took delivery of 5,000 of my self-published book, "Break Through the Noise; 9 Tools to Propel Your Marketing Message". When I found out the delivery time of the truck going to my warehouse, I put together a press release in my home town of Benicia, California: Benicia Author Takes Publishing Career in Own Hands. I ran a galley copy of the book to the paper and told the editor the truck is arriving in 15 minutes ( I arranged with the freight company driver to call 15 minutes out). Wow. When the truck arrived, the reporter and photographer were on another assignment. my husband Willie shot an entire roll of film (he's from New Jersey so you can bet his photos were much better than the paper's photographer.

The reporter arrived just after I left, and caught up with me by phone. They ran the story Front page of the paper with the photo my husband took. 1/2 of the front page devoted to the story.

Also, get this. since I wasn't at the warehouse, Will gave them a tour of the facilities and now they are going to do a story on his building, which has a beautiful mural!

       Elisa Southard

Click Here To Order Your Kit Now!

Your approach to free publicity is as easy as you say it is... and very profitable! Much thanks.

Dr. George Dempsey
Houston, TX
My PR person sent me a press release for my review just after the seminar and because of Paul's great knowledge I could see that her work was very weak. She is a big wig in the Children's book Industry too. I won't mention her name.

Anyway, Paul should be teaching the pro's.

Lisa LeLeu
Lisa LeLeu Puppet Show Books
I followed your course directives and had a tremendous return on my investment. I had feature article in the Pocono Record Dec 1, WNEP TV News, Lehighton Times News. It was picked up by the Pennsylvania AP and appeared in West Chester paper, Bucks County (the Reporter), Hazelton Standard Speaker, Easton Express-Times, Scranton paper, the Penn State college newspaper and many news related web sites. If you search my name some of those web sites show up.

Thanks for your powerful products and equally powerful results. Hoping for more of the same.

       Dr. Randy Nolf
Your newsletter is one of many letters I subscribe to, but is the only one I wait for with eager anticipation. And my waiting is always rewarded 10 fold.

       Jonathan Gunson

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I'm one of your newest customers, and I'm so glad I bought your books and tapes. It's the best investment I could make in getting my own publicity.

The information is GREAT, I've learned so much. I feel I've been floundering around in the dark all these years trying to get my own publicity, even though I've been People magazine.

I didn't really know what I'd done RIGHT, when I wrote my press releases, until your course showed me.

The best part is learning how to use the publicity to put money in my pocket. Otherwise, if I get into the media, it's just an ego trip.

Thank you, and keep up the good work, Paul.

       Sam Longoria
Just a quick note to let you know that I have continued to use the strategies that I have learned from your Million Dollar Publicity Program with fantastic results. As you may recall, I forwarded to you, the front page news article from the Jacksonville Times Union Newspaper, regarding the Alex Haley story — Haley Literary Rights Sold to Jacksonville Investor.

Also, I have parlayed that into a new story, which just came out in the January 2003 issue of the Jacksonville Magazine - Jacksonville Magazine Features Real Jacksonvillian.

Thanks again

John A. Palumbo
I cannot tell you how much I love your newsletter and what you have done for me and my career. I have gotten literally millions of dollars of publicity as a result of the techniques you have taught me. Last year I sent out a press release after speaking at a conference. The result of the publicity was that my name was featured in newspaper articles across the country... I have also been on the Canada A.M show and was featured in a half-hour show, The Things We Do For Love.

I am not sure that I have received the most publicity of all your students, but I certainly have received my share.

       Barry Lycka M.D.
I just got 4 pages including photos in Weekly World News! I know they are a tabloid but It is the BEST press anybody has ever written on any of my products in my entire life! We checked circulation and our source says one million but don't know if it's true. I'm in the December 3rd issue. I owe it to YOUR course. Thanks.

       Jay Kamhi

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I decided after the Chicago Sun Times article that I wanted to focus on the "fun" aspect of my dolls, rather than the "controversial". Controversy gets you coverage but I wanted a story that would promote the crazy, laugh-getting, "hot adult toy for Xmas" aspect of my product since my purpose in life is to make people laugh and feel good...not to bring them down.

So I sent out a flier showing people laughing and a press release humorously describing each doll and....WHAM! more press than I had before. Can't even list the dozens and dozens of radio stations across USA we've done interviews with. Penthouse is doing a story in their March issue on the dolls. Weekly World News called and said we're in the November 26 issue (probably next to a "UFO landing in Bigfoot Nest" story).

Anyway, I thought it was an interesting concept to create PR releases SECOND, and base it on one's PURPOSE which should be decided FIRST

Thanks for all your help Paul!

       Jay Kamhi
I was interviewed by Business Week online this week - your information about telling vs. selling proved invaluable.


       Tim Cohn
I want to thank you for all your help. You really have no way of knowing what a domino affect you have...

A couple of years ago a vendor (Don Sothman, inventor of the "popcorn fork" and owner of Sirius Industries - from which we purchased a box taping machine) was kind enough to share loads of information on PR. Much of the information he credited to you (at that time Dr. Piero, inventor of Dental Air Force, and I thought "Paul whooo?"). We subscribed to your newsletter, purchased a few Publicity Wizard press release mailings, wrote press releases, been faithfully sending them via fax or e-mail for a little over a year now and following your tips. When I started this process, I knew nothing about PR (I was a corporate trainer and process improvement facilitator in my previous life!)...

As a direct or indirect result of that fateful meeting with Don and introducing us to the wisdom of Paul Hartunian, we have had exposure in the following publications - that we know about (many media sources have published our press release verbatim, never told us, and then we found out when a sale comes in.):

Media Coverage

Dr. Piero has been interviewed on these television stations...
TV 13 Grand Rapids, MI
WYLE TV Sheffield, AL
Fox TV - Pat Summerall Success Stories
TV 32 Albuquerque, NM
WOOD TV 8 Grand Rapids, MI
NBC Lee Stanley - Food for Thought

Dr. Piero has been interviewed on these radio stations...

Dental Air Force has appeared in these dental journals...
Dental Economics
Dentistry Today Hygiene Products
Dental Products Report
Dentistry Today
Ortho Products Magazine
Contemporary Esthetics and Restorative Practices

Dental Air Force has appeared in these newspapers & magazines...
Grand Rapids Press
Grand Rapids Business Journal
Time Magazine
Total Health Magazine
Child Care Information
Newsweek Japan
Townsend Newsletter
Whole Earth Magazine
Hydraulics & Pneumatics
South Bend Tribune
Chicago Tribune
Wbz4.com - Gadget Grrl
KTLA.com morning news - Emmett Miller

In addition, because of the PR, we have gotten into Lifestyles Fascination (a mail order catalog) which goes to 1.5 million subscribers each month.

I was never very good at math, but I think this amounts to hundreds of thousands, if not a million, dollars in advertising. We are seeing our start-up company beginning to grow.

Thanks again for all your information.

Pia Brown
Air Force Inc

Click Here To Order Your Kit Now!

I just HAD to write you in eternal gratitude for finally kicking my behind into action. I've been a loyal subscriber for some time now - and, like most, we never quite got around to putting this stuff into action.

We just began a new campaign for a cool product that actually does something really good for the world (http://www.victorybracelet.com), and I wrote a (for me) carefully crafted press release.

My partner trolled the web and sent it to every Gannet newspaper who had an email listing. I paid $99 to have one of the online PR services distribute it.

24 hours later, this -


We're also on the front page of the business section of today's LA Daily News, and the writer put the story on the national newswires, so I expect more stories in the weeks to come.

We're pretty happy with the results (that's an understatement). Actually, we sell a novelty adult-oriented (sexy, but not porn) tape, and my partner ended up doing 600 radio interviews for that product last year - as well as Sally Jessy Raphael twice, Maury Povich three times, Cristina, The Man Show, and a few others I've since forgotten. I just don't want to mix patriotism and adult entertainment - our prime demographic for the patriotic stuff is 180 degrees off of the other material(!).

Another article about the bracelets will also be appearing in the Albany paper tomorrow, and we're currently working on getting testimonials from politicians and prominent Americans.

Please pass my thanks on to Paul. I just re-read all the material in the book, and realized how much I've already forgotten!

So - Thanks again, Paul - I'm a lifetime convert.

       Eric Ridley
I thought you would enjoy a success story with your system. I am a St. Louis resident and I faxed a press release out last night after the game to all local media contacts and a few of the 24 hottest. So far this morning I had an interview with Fox 2 news that will be on the air at 5 and 5:30 tonight.

Dr. Brad LaGarce
Just thought I would drop you a line and tell you that David from Wireless Press just called. We had a short conversation while he was interviewing. I kept in mind that he was testing me to see if I could take the 'heat'. At the end of the conversation I asked him, What happens from here? He told me he would write it up, send it to me and send the story to 800 media outlets WORLD WIDE. He asked where I got the contact info and I gave him your name. He said you were a very nice guy.

Thanks Again. This stuff is INCREDIBLE!

Brad LaGarce

I have purchased many marketing program's in the past promising all types of support and service. I must say that your program will be a great asset to my life insurance business. It is truly nice to see the amount of dedication, assistance and your willingness to help your students to learn how to become truly successful in their lives and businesses using your publicity program.

       Joe Virgilio

Click Here To Order Your Kit Now!

Fantastic newsletter.

       Dave Roberts
I received your course last week. Wow. I''ve purchased many money making courses in the last few years. This one has to be my best one yet. Lots of facts and get-off- your-butt-and-do-something information. Lots of things I can sink my teeth into. (Not just a bunch of puffy theories like the others.

       Roy Primm
I sent out my first batch of press releases - just under 20 and had my first newspaper interview complete with photos! Hard to believe that only one press release with your system made such a difference. Thanks for your wonderful home study course. This is really fun!

       Terri Levine

I simply can't thank you enough for what you taught us that day at Dan's boot camp Paul. And your fantastic critiques and also your newsletter. I'm getting the hang of this and it is starting to work! Very exciting.

       Wayne G. Springer

Click Here To Order Your Kit Now!

I want to let you know that the publicity course has been an incredible God-send for my business. Upon receiving it, I read through it several times but did not put it into practice for about a 6 month period because I was not sure at that time whether I would shift gears into something else more in line with my value system. When I finally made that shift and applied your publicity principles, my practice took off like a rocket. I went from just "dabbling" and doing solely pro-bono work for visibility to over $10,000/month within 3 months, and I'm looking at at least double that during 2000.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

       Carmen Stine
Wow — Thank you so much for your outstanding Publicity System!

I've studied it voraciously over the last two weeks (after finally working up the courage to actually order it! :-), and your work has helped me define and understand my niche markets more clearly than I ever did before. *Thank you*.

       Noah St. John
You Rock! If nobody has told you that yet today then let me be the first.

I loved your workshop at the super conference in Las Vegas. Looking forward to working with you to get MUCHO Publicity for FREE!

       Jason Kasper
My nonprofit is tiny (2.5 FTE). We created a different approach to addressing preparedness for the most vulnerable people in our communities and by using many of the techniques you shared, we are getting noticed by funders, government officials and decision-makers. Variations of this email have gone out from several agencies and we if a few more people sign up, we will be their most successful broadcast of this series.

       Ana-Marie Jones

Paul Hartunian's
Professional Speakers Course Testimonials

brian.jpg 150x198

I'm Brian Kathenes from Hope, NJ. I'm an organizational development consultant.

I've always told my clients "Don't get into any business unless you know a whole lot about it." So when I became interested in the speaking business I took my own advice and signed up for Paul Hartunian's Professional Speakers class. I thought it would give me a jumpstart in the business. Well, let me tell you, I didn't get a jump start, I got a stretch limo and a chauffer. It's an incredible program for anyone interested in the speaking business and for anyone who thinks they're already a great speaker. Paul's program will make you even better. I now have hundreds of ideas for products, talks and presentations. Plus a system for turning those ideas into big dollars.

Great job, Paul. Anyone who wants to know more about it can reach me at www.SuccessfulTeams.com

UPDATE FROM BRIAN: And now for the results. After Paul's speaker training I had two speaking engagements and I walked away with $15,000. Now that's a great return on my investment!
I've been on the speaking circuit for a couple of years now and at times I've sold upwards of $25,000 worth of products with an hour and a half talk. But there's a lot of things very apparent now after going through Paul's seminar that I've been neglecting and a lot of money I've been leaving on the tableS I completely reorganized my understanding of how this works. It was a really great experience. I also enjoyed the very up-close, personal nature of the event. It was very small and very customized. So I highly recommend it. I think anybody who's in the business of professional speaking can earn their tuition back many times over with this.

Perry Marshall

UPDATE FROM PERRY: Just got my numbers (from my most recent talk): $45,057, 40 orders. I am VERY happy with that...Obviously my investment in your stuff has more or less returned 10X in gross sales after only about a month or so, with only two talks so far. Thanks!
perry_m.jpg 150x193

Thank you so much for the incredible SpeakersBootcamp.

I have already secured 3 speaking engagements in addition to the 2 booked at the bootcamp! These alone are worth my investment tenfold!.

The thought of coupling this with your publicity kit is mind-boggling.

This has been truly enlightening, not to mention profitable…I can't imagine anybody not taking this particular bootcamp.

Karen Schaefer
Divide, CO
karen-schaefer.jpg 150x180
I've been in the speaking industry for financial services for probably the last 12 years.  I thought I was doing well in the industry. Last year we grossed over half a million dollars worth of revenue from speaking. I can guarantee that as a result of this program, I'll generate more revenue easier and we'll generate a heck of a lot more revenue. The money that we spent on coming to this program will probably come back within the month to us...

I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to consider the speaking industry ... This was a phenomenal three days.

Mark Young
mark.jpg 150x225

dave.jpg 150x217

I was on one of Paul Hartunian's teleseminars last year shortly before I did a bootcamp - actually my first one. The information I got on that seminar - the teaching he did on constructing the presentation - directly related to me being able to do $250,000 in sales in one 90-minute presentation.

Again, I relate that directly to the information I got from Paul on that teleseminar and that's the reason why I've come to Paul's speaker training here in New Jersey... It's exciting and profitable to be involved with Paul Hartunian.

Dave Dickson
I've been speaking pretty much all my life. I'm an attorney. But I haven't been able to figure out how to make the big bucks from it.

I make OK money as an attorney, but I really wanted to learn how to speak and make money from that and you definitely communicated over the 3 days every which way. You gave me some good hard information about how to do that and how to put that together. Pretty much everything I wanted I got in the seminar about how to get my name out there, how to get speaking engagements, how to get paid for those and how to make money from the back end. It was all there...

Tell people they really need to come to the seminar. That's where you get the maximum input.

Sheryl Brzuska
sheryl.jpg 150x177

adele.jpg 150x240

You really delivered in your Speaker Training Course. You said I didn't have to have a golden voice or an expensive media kit to make a living as a professional speaker and you are right. In the three days of your course I everything I needed to begin my career as a speaker. The skills you taught us and the mentoring you gave us for success and integrity in this business are well worth the investment in the course. Taking your course will help me be more successful in my business and share my message with so many more people. Thank you so much Paul.

Adele Michael 

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margo.jpg 150x232

I came to this seminar as one of those soft, airy-fairy kind of persons. I've been talking in front of groups my entire life. I thought the key to being successful in this business is getting people to participate. I had no idea how to make money at it and really didn't know that I'd want to do it that was any different than I had been doing it all these years.

I've learned so much in the last three days about how to not just make money but at the same time probably get my ideas across in as more powerful way than I had been doing it the old way. 

People are going to really sit up and take notice of what I have to say now and I'm going to make money. 

So Paul, thank you very much. It was worth 10 times what I paid for this.

Margo Arrowsmith 
When you announced your Speaker Training Bootcamp, it was a no-brainer. I signed up without thinking. Glad I did. It was everything -- and more -- that I expected. Thanks for a great training experience. I got what I came for and I'm loaded for bear.

Rick Houcek
Soar With Eagles, Inc.
Rick-Houcek.jpg 150x200
kevin-allen.jpg 150x210 "Best ever. More 'meat and potatoes', more solid, useable, how-to, real world information per minute than any seminar I've ever attended. And I've attended a lot.... "

Kevin Allen

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This was probably one of the absolute most valuable trainings for my speaking career that I've ever gone through…I thought I knew a decent amount about platform selling and the correct words to use and the terminology. I didn't know anything until I sat though this (training)...It's absolutely one of the most valuable things I've ever gone through. I think you're insane if you don't attend one of these.

James Malinchak
James-Mailinchak.jpg 150x185
John-Mini.jpg 150x208 I have been exposed to none of this information before…now…I have a seminar, a whole bunch of back end products and I really, really know how to sell them all and all kinds of great ideas to go on in the future. That's quite an accomplishment.

John Mini
"You have taken us by the hand, step-by-step, and made it extremely easy to follow your system. You definitely showed us all of your secrets..."

Vincent Defauwes, from Miami
Vincent-Defauwes1.jpg 150x162

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Steve-Swanson.jpg 150x153 This was the best of the best…I teach people how to buy things at 50% off. This would be the only thing I would recommend to go ahead and pay full price for.

Steve Swanson

I've attended a lot of seminars over the past 18 years. I would definitely put this as one of the best most valuable seminars I've ever attended. (You) were so generous with the information. You shared with the group a lot of real inside information about the speaking business. I received so many ideas…that I'm convinced they will increase my business at least 10 times. Tremendous value! I appreciate being here very much.

Dr. Scott Lewis
Dr-Scott-Lewis.jpg 150x163

Mark-Halpert.jpg 150x166 I came here to improve my speaking business…You changed the business perspective!...This is really a business development and speaking empire anyone can build.

Mark Halpert

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I said to Paul on the first day, at the first break that I knew enough then to go home. I felt I got my money's worth and would have gotten a 10 times return on my investment at that point. At this point (the end of the seminar) I'm completely overwhelmed. I'm going back to implement the stuff I got just on the first day. I know it will make a massive difference in my life. Thank you…

Alwyn Cosgrove
Alwyn-Cosgrove.jpg 150x150
Paul-Galasso.jpg 150x166 This event has been extremely life transforming. It's transformed our business. It's made us go forward to the point where we never thought possible…going to this seminar allowed us to expand our promotional business as well as develop a speaking business…I think that 10 times (increase in our) income is very underestimating what we will receive out of this training.

Paul Galasso
You have delivered every single penny of what I paid and I'm very happy…because I will get my money back due to the skills you've given us.

Laura Duncan
Laura-Duncan.jpg 150x127

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Lisa-Louie.jpg 150x159 What I really appreciate the most is your willingness to share just everything - all your insiders secrets to let us know, step-by-step, exactly what we can do so that we can build our own businesses and build our own empires. You didn't hold anything back…I really see being able to take whatever we create and launch ourselves into the stratosphere.

Lisa Louie
Whatever amount anyone pays (to come to this training), they could pay 10 times that amount and it would still be worth every penny.

Dave Woodward
Dave-Woodward.jpg 150x205
Martin-Urban.jpg 150x103 (You) have completely over delivered. I have received so much in the way of tools, in the way of content, in the way of being able to now say to myself: "I can do this!"…What I was doing wasn't working that well. Now I can see exactly how it's going to work...I would certainly recommend this to anyone.

Martin & Carolyn Urban

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I feel it's an absolute privledge…to be exposed to not only how to speak but how you set up your business and develop that into a multi-million dollar operation. Not too many speakers are exposed to that…Thank you!

Marlene Green
Marlene-Green.jpg 150x188
Jeff-Hoffman.jpg 150x201 Whether you're new to the speaking business like me or you're a seasoned veteran, there was valuable information for every person at every different level in their careers. Truly, thank you…another Gold Standard Event. You make a habit…of promising a lot and I always feel that at the end of the day I walked away with much more than the high bar and the promises that you make. Thank you very much. Amazing stuff.

Jeff Hoffman
This conference has exceeded all my expectations. It's opened my eyes to endless opportunities and I've met some really wonderful people. I arrived here as a singular, local specialist. I'm now going home with a multi-faceted, international business. Thank you.

Poll Meussoulides
Poll-Meussoulides.jpg 150x137

Kit-Grant.jpg 150x168 I've had several people in the room ask me: "What could anybody who's been in this business for over 30 years possibly learn by coming to one of these things." I've just got to say that in the last four days I've gotten some ideas that are going to catapult my income way beyond previous levels, I know that. The neatest thing for me, in a selfish little way, is the great advantage over what traditional professional speakers don't know.

Kit Grant

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