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Who The Heck Is Paul Hartunian?

“Every person on this planet can get tremendous amounts of free publicity for any product, service cause or issue. They just have to be taught the simple steps to take...and then take them”, according to Paul Hartunian.

Paul Hartunian is a wiz at showing people how to get mountains of free publicity for their online and offline businesses. He has shown tens of thousands of people how to use publicity to make sales, get leads, rocket businesses to all time highs, and even become celebrities.

His techniques require no special skills, no "insider contacts," and little or no money.

Paul and his publicity students have been featured on CNN, Paul Harvey News,
The New York Times, the Regis Philbin Show, Smart Money, Forbes, New Jersey Monthly, Money magazine, USA Today, the Wall Street Journal and over 1,000 other radio and TV talk shows.

Using his unique publicity techniques, Paul created a worldwide sensation by becoming the first person in history to really sell the Brooklyn Bridge!

“Anyone can duplicate what I’ve done. Not only will I prove that statement, I’ll teach people exactly what to do and how to do it, so they can prove it to themselves.”

In his talk “How to Get $1 Million Worth of Publicity...FREE!”, Paul teaches his audience, step by step, how they can get mountains of free publicity. He reveals the secret to getting on radio, TV, in newspapers and magazine and how to get online publicity as well. He tells the audience how to conduct themselves during an interview so they not only make a substantial amount of money, but they’re also asked back to do it again! But, more importantly, he shows the audience how to duplicate what he’s done by teaching them the special method he’s developed for getting media coverage.

“I don’t care if a person has a little ice cream shop in a tiny town or if he has a huge, multinational corporation. I can teach them how to get publicity that will get them more business, more customers and more cash in their bank accounts while making them celebrities in their field.”

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