Why Most People Fail When They Try To Get Free Publicity   

My guess is that 97% of the people who try to get free publicity fail miserably.  They fail because they violate the #1 rule of publicity and press releases.  That rule is:

"Always keep in mind that no one gives a rats rear end about you."

They don't care about you.

They don't care about what you did.

They don't care about what you experienced.

All they care about is what you can do for them.

A huge number of people are darned impressed with themselves, their own accomplishments, their own thoughts and ideas.  That comes across very clearly when theyw rite press releases.

No one - and I mean NO ONE - cares.

Oh, they'll tell you they care.  They're lying to you.

These people take themselves far more seriously than is justified.

When these people send out press releases, they start their release with things like:

"Academy Products is proud to announce..."

"Jim Collins, a compassionate, skilled practitioner..."

"It is with great pride that Bigelow Realty announces a 32% increase in sales this year."

Any time the first words on your press release are your name or your business name, your ego is out of line.

You think people really care about you.

They don't.

They only care what Academy Product, Jim Collins or Bigelow Realty can do for them.

I keep harping on this subject.  I'll keep harping on it until my point is driven deep into your brain.

Have you set up a special email address on your website or in your business that allows people to tell you why you suck?  If not, why not?

Are you afraid of what people may have to say?  It could be very revealing.

It could show you the flaws in your business - or your personality.

When you send out your press releases, do you talk about yourself or do you talk about how you, your product or your service can help the reporter and his audience?

The more you talk about yourself in your press releases, the less publicity you'll get.  It's a very simple relationship:

More talk about you = less publicity

Instead, you should be talking about how your information can help people.  How your information can solve problems.  How you are the anser people have been looking for.

When you help people solve their problems, you won't have to pitch yourself and your business.  It'll be very clear that you are the answer people have been looking for.

The more you can help reporters put together intersting stories for their audiences, the more publicity you'll get.

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