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"If You Aren't Using Publicity - And Using It The Right Way, Both Online and Offline - You're Missing Out On The Cheapest, Most Powerful Way To Market Your Business"

Right Here You'll Find Everything You'll Ever Need To Get And Use Free Publicity For Your Business, Professional Practice, Service, Cause or Issue.

Traditional marketing methods, like postcard mailings, yellow pages ads and so forth, are all necessary ways to market your business.

But there are tens of thousands of people waiting to help you promote and market your business...all for free.

They're called reporters - and they're online and offline.

If you don't know how to get and use publicity the right way, you're passing up this enormous army of marketers.

This site has all the tools, information and advice you'll need to get publicity for any business, product, service, trade or professional practice.


DO THIS FIRST: Take advantage of the free advice I have for you by signing up for my free weekly publicity strategies.  Go to the top right corner of this page where you'll see the sign up box.

DO THIS SECOND: Read my publicity blog.  You'll get up-to-the-minute strategies, tips and advice based on what is currently happening in the news.  I'll show you how to hook your story on what is happening in the news.  Click on the blue box in the upper right corner that says: "Paul's Publicity Blog".

DO THIS THIRD: Read about the publicity products I have that can not only help you get publicity the right way and profit from it, but they can also save you an enormous amount of time and help you avoid the mistakes that a huge percentage of people fall into.  Click the red links at the top of this page to see what you can take advantage of.

DO THIS FOURTH: If you have questions, CLICK HERE to send an email to my office.  Or CLICK HERE for my office phone number.

Reporters are very willing to make you as famous and wealthy as you'd like to be, if you just give them what they want...a good story.  And you have dozens of good stories.

Check out all the resources right here and you'll see that's true.

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