Should Your Website Newsroom Be Public Or Private? 

A website newsroom is where reporters can go to get information about you and your business.  This is where they'll find your press release, bios and other information they'll be able to use to do a story about you.

The word "newsroom" sounded complicated and something you probably don't need.

Adding a newsroom to your website is easy and very inexpensive, if you follow my system.  And it's something you certainly should have on your website, regardless of the size of your business.

Let's take a look at the two options.

If you have your newsroom public, reporters can go to your website and see the link to your newsroom.  They can click and get all the information about you that they want.

They may actually be on your site for something entirely different.  

Then they see the link for reporters, click on it and possibly contact you for a story.

Sounds like the way to go, doesn't it?

But wait a minute.  If the reporters see your newsroom link on your home page, so does everyone else.

If the reporter can click on the newsroom link and find out lots of information about you, so can anyone else'even your competition.

Your competition can find out things about you before they are in the media.

Your competition can find out exactly how you are writing those press releases that are so successful in getting you on radio and TV and in newspapers all around the country.

Your competition can even use those very same press releases, with a few minor, easy-to-make changes and steal your publicity opportunities.

Hmmm, didn't think about that, did you?

To me, the answer to whether a newsroom should be public or private is simple and always the same - keep it private.  Only give the link to reporters, not the general public.

Your competition would love nothing more than to find out exactly what you're up to and how you're letting the media know about it.

I'm amazed at how many companies have a link to their newsroom right on their home page.  I'm doubly amazed at what I find out about the companies just by going to their newsroom and reading the information.

What were these people thinking when they posted this material.  Did they think that only reporters would go there?  Did they think that their competition would say "Oops, that's not for me?  That's only for reporters.  I'd better not go there."

What you have to tell reporters about you and your business is between you and the reporters - not the entire world...including your competition.

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