How To Have the Perfect Publicity Driven Business    

Here's my vision of a perfect, publicity-driven business or practice:

You write a press release which gets published in the newspaper. Your contact information is in the article, so people call you (this is the first exposure people have to you via publicity).

When people call you or your office, you intentionally put them on hold for about a minute. While they're on hold you don't have them listening to that goofy hold music. Instead, they hear you being interviewed on the local radio talk show (this is the second exposure people have had to you, via publicity).

You make an appointment to meet with the person. When they get to your office, you intentionally make them wait for a few minutes. On your walls you don't have all those certificates people couldn't care less about. Instead you have a couple of dozen articles that have appeared about you in newspapers and magazines from around the world. (This is the third exposure people have had to you, via publicity).

Finally, in the corner of your office you have a TV and a VCR. What do you think is showing on the TV?

Right! It's a video tape of you being interviewed on the local talk show.

When you finally open your door and introduce yourself, the person's jaw drops. You're no longer just another person. You're a celebrity! You've been in the newspapers and magazines, on radio and TV. You're no ordinary person. You're a star!

If you don't have an office, simply adapt the scenario I've described to fit the way you do business.

Most people think publicity is an interesting little marketing tool that may or may not be of value to them. Even if it is of value, they don't think all that much of it. They're dead wrong!

To me, publicity is everything. It's given me everything I want in life and more. Knowing how to use publicity is pure power - it's the most powerful tool to get anything you want that I can imagine.

It all depends how you look at it...and how much you understand of it!

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