3 Reasons People Don't Try To Get Publicity, Even Though They Have A Great Story - Part 2   

Many people don't try to get publicity for their business because they've been led to believe that publicity is an advanced marketing technique.  They've been led to believe that you should get your business established first, then you might want to try to get publicity.

Once again, this is a complete myth.  It's like saying: "I'm going to wait until my house catches fire, then I'm going to buy some fire insurance."

Sorry Zippy, too late.

Who's led people to believe this myth?  The people who want to sell them all the other marketing tools - the telephone book ad reps, the magazine and newspaper ad reps, the people selling various marketing services and products.

If you're just starting a business, why wouldn't you want the media people to help you.  There are tens of thousands of reporters all around the world willing to give you publicity if you'll simply give them a good story.  Why would you want to spend all that time and lots of money getting your business up and running when the media is willing to help you for just about nothing?

When bad news hits about you or your business (and it will) will you have used publicity to create such a positive image about you that the impact from the negative information will be minimal?  Or will you scramble around after the bad news hits trying to put out the fires and salvage your image?

If you already have an established business, are you the most well-known in your field?  If not, publicity can help you enormously.

There's one reality about life that you've got to rivet into your mind.  It goes against what you've learned from your parents, your teachers, your minister and just about everyone else in authority.

That reality is - "The person with the greatest ability is typically NOT the most well paid and the most recognized.  The person with the greatest visibility is."

Sad but true.  A person can be totally incompetent, but if he has the greatest visibility, he'll be recognized as the leader in the field and will be sought after far more often than the person with the greatest ability.

The media gives you visibility.  The media puts you in front of thousands or millions of people.  More importantly, the media gives you credibility.

When you're on TV or radio or when a story appears about you in a newspaper or magazine, people instantly believe you and what you're saying or what is said about you.

Pretty scary, eh?  Could be.  But you can harness that power and use it to tremendously benefit you and your market.

All through school we were taught to study hard, learn as much as we can, be the best, be the top and you'll succeed.  Well, if they were talking about learning how to use the media, they were right.

If they were talking about learning everything about the trade or profession you want to be in, they were dead wrong.

Look at all the people you see on TV and radio, in newspapers and magazines.  Do you think every one of them is the most qualified, the most knowledgeable, the most talented in their field?

Not on your life.

They know how to play the publicity game or they hired someone who does.  They're getting tremendous visibility.  People see them, hear them, read about them everywhere.

This must drive the most talented people crazy!  Think about two guys in law school.  One graduates #1 in his class.  He's absolutely brilliant.

The other barely squeaks by.  But he took the time to learn how to use publicity to his advantage.

One year later, Mr. #1 In His Class is at the bottom of the ladder in a law firm filling out forms while Mr. Scraping The Bottom is a media star with a regular radio talk show.  He has a list of clients a mile long.

Is it fair?  Heck no.  But it's life.

Can publicity be used is less than honorable ways?  You bet.  But that's where character comes in.

Publicity can launch a "nobody" into the stratosphere.  It can turn a mediocre book into an instant best seller.  It can take a struggling business and put it in the Top 500 List.

That's pure power!

Can publicity can take a construction worker and turn him into a multi-millionaire celebrity ?  Sure.  Ever hear of Bob Vila?

Can publicity take an overweight aerobics instructor and make him the multi-millionaire Guru of Fitness and Weight Loss?  Sure.

Ever hear of Richard Simmons?

Can publicity turn a bouncer from a Chicago bar into a worldwide celebrity?  You bet.  Remember Mr. T?

So publicity is far from an advanced marketing technique.  I can't think of anything more basic and more powerful than publicity used appropriately.  If I had to teach only one skill to someone and have that skill be responsible for creating a fantastic life for that person, I'd teach them how write press releases and how to get publicity.  There isn't a product, service, business, cause or issue that can't benefit from publicity.

People down to their last dollar can use publicity.

People all around the world can use publicity.

Publicity is pure power.

Use it correctly, wisely and ethically.

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