3 Reasons People Don't Try To Get Publicity, Even Though They Have A Great Story - Part 1   

Each of these reasons is a total myth, but they are costing people (maybe including you?) fortunes in free advertising via publicity.

One has to do with the press release myth.

Many, many people believe that they must have special writing ability to write an effective press release.  They believe they have to have a journalism background.  Or some special skill at writing catchy headlines, captivating sentences and intriguing story hooks.

Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Some of the worst press releases I've seen have been written by people with some professional writing background.

The secret to writing a great press release is to follow a tested, proven system.  Actually, that's the secret to succeeding at most things in life.

Why spend months or years of your life trying to reinvent something that's already been tested and proven?  Why not just follow the templates, systems and strategies that are already working?

There's a formal term for this.  It's called modeling.

In medicine, modeling is a very powerful technique.  Here's an example.

Pancreatic cancer is a particularly serious form of the disease.  Only 1% of people who are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer will be alive in 5 years.

If I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer tomorrow, do you think I'd spend my time trying to come up with ways to survive?  Do you think I'd try to discover a cure on my own?

Heck no!  Didn't I tell you that the disease is 99% fatal?  Well, what's does that mean?

Most people would say that 99% of the people with the disease are going to die.  That's the negative outlook on that number.

The positive outlook is that 1% are going to survive.  How did that 1% survive?  I don't know, but you can bet that if I was diagnosed with the disease, the first thing I'd do it track some of those people down, find out what they did and do the same thing.

That's modeling.

The same is true with publicity.  Sure, you can invent your own publicity system.  It took me almost 20 years to invent, test, refine and prove my system.

Or you can follow at system that's already working.

Why do so many people believe they need some special writing ability to write a great press release?  Because that's what they've been told over and over.

Who's been telling them that?  Well, wouldn't it be the people who make a living writing press releases?  If they can get you to believe that you don't have the skill but they do, you'll continue to pay them every time you need a press release written.

After all, you reason, they are the publicity professional.  You aren't.

Aw, mule muffins.

If you start from scratch, you'll waste a huge amount of time coming up with a publicity system that works.  But if you follow a proven system, you can be up and running in hours.

You don't need any special writing skills, talents or abilities.  You have all the ability you need to write a great press release.

If you want to hire someone to write press releases for you, that's fine.  But you don't HAVE to pay for it.  You can do it all yourself in just a few minutes.  Don't fall for that sales pitch.

So let's declare Publicity Myth #1 dead.  You do not need special writing skills to write a great press release.  You have all the skill you need right now.  You just have to follow a proven system.

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