What Are The Best Days To Send Out Press Releases?

There are two answers.

First, if you have an urgent story - a story that has to be reported immediately or it will have no value - you should send it out as soon as possible.  It doesn't matter what day of the week it is or what time of day.

Just get it out!

Notice I said that this is the rule for URGENT stories.  I don't mean that the story is urgent to you.  I mean that the story is urgent to the people who will be seeing or hearing it.

If you just finished a book on building a rowboat, you may think it's urgent to get information about that book out to the media immediately.

The media, on the other hand, will find no urgency at all in your story.  Your book will be available today, tomorrow, next week, etc.

But, if your story is about an important town meeting that's going to happen tomorrow, you'd better get your releases out today or the story will be dead very soon.

The vast majority of you have stories that are not urgent.  The story will be good just about any time in the future.

For stories that are not urgent, the best days to get your releases into the hands of the media people are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Monday and Friday are usually fairly hectic and the weekend is often uncertain.

If your release gets to the media office over the weekend, you don't know when your release will be read or who will read it.

What time should your release be received by the media?

I like to send mine out during the typical working day - from about 10AM to 3PM.  This gives me enough time to get the releases out and the reporters enough time to get them, read them and respond back to me.

This next point is very important - now that I've given you these guidelines,
I want you to clearly understand that they are just that - guidelines. 
They are not rock solid rules.

There are absolutely no rock solid rules for sending out your releases.  I've sent out releases in the middle of the night that got great response.  I've also sent out releases during the times I just told you about and had limited success.

Like all good marketers I test everything.  I test my headlines, the body copy of my releases and even the times I send them out.

You should do the same thing.

You can have the greatest story in the world but if you send it out at the wrong time it could sit there like an ancient dinosaur.

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