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Do You Need A Speaker For Your Next
Seminar, Conference, Meeting Or Bootcamp?

Getting quality speakers can be a challenge — speakers who have good content and know how to entertain and inform your audiences.

The speakers listed below could easily solve all of your speaker needs.

In addition to their names, you'll find a description of their topics. Contact them directly by clicking on their names. When you do you'll either be taken to their websites or given an opportunity to send them a direct email.

I get no compensation for listing these people. You deal with them directly and make all arrangements directly with them.

And, as always, do your own due diligence before you hire any speaker. I know all of these people personally, but you must determine yourself whether or not they fill your speaker needs.

Speakers will be added to this page from time to time, so be sure to check back.

Matt Adams — Matt is a Master Hypnotist and leading authority training individuals and groups to have the behaviors and attitudes of Millionaires for maximum success. There is a reason why some people are millionaires and others are's because millionaires think and act differently than regular people. There's an unmistakable difference between thinking positively and thinking like a millionaire...thinking positively is hoping...thinking like a millionaire is doing. Do your customers a favor, when they have the skills and mindset to use your products and get results, you're going to have a flood of satisfied people that will give you testimonials, refer you to others, and most importantly buy more of your products! For more information or to book Matt Adams as a speaker for your conference or seminar please send inquiries to

Nancy Binzen — "Practical Magic, Sacred Magic for Women in Search of Their Lives" is an experiential introduction to traditional knowledge and practices from Native elders worldwide who have been my teachers for almost 25 years. Participants will leave with a variety of simple techniques they can use immediately, illustrated by storytelling and personal anecdotes from Africa, Hawaii, Mexico, Peru, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

Contact:, or call 415-488-9512 (Pacific Time).

Jeanne Webster CPC — Jeanne Webster is a certified professional life coach and will give you an entertaining, information packed keynote, seminar, workshop or teleclass. Author of the award winning book "If You Could Be Anything, What Would You Be, A Teen's Guide to Mapping Out the Future, Jeanne will give a presentation tailored to your groups needs. She specializes in "coaching your future" for teens, parents of teens, the Quarter Life Crisis, and adults searching for new careers or just "more" from their lives. Everyone deserves a great life filled with meaning and abundance. Jeanne Webster has the information that will put direction, clarity, success and fulfillment into your life today.

Hi, I'm Eva Rosenberg the Internet's TaxMama. I am the Author of a new book, called Small Business Taxes Made Easy. And I've created THE most fun and helpful income tax site online. It's free for you to use — and I even answer questions.

Just drop by

SIGNE A. DAYHOFF, PH.D. — Are you sick and tired of watching choice assignments, better jobs or promotions pass you by because you can't speak up? Are you depressed and frustrated seeing friendships and love relationships slip through your fingers because you're afraid? You can replace your social anxiety with motivation and confidence ... and you can do it faster than you think! I'm a psychologist, coach, author, and recovered social phobic. Knowing the problem from the inside-out, I have helped thousands, including professionals and executives internationally, eliminate their fear of speaking in public — whether it's giving a speech, networking, or making personal small talk. I can help anyone transform their social anxiety into confidence and social effectiveness. My latest book, Diagonally-Parked in a Parallel Universe: Working Through Social Anxiety, is one of the top ten bestsellers in anxiety on and has been endorsed by the most highly respected clinical researchers in the field. Known as the Social Effectiveness Guru, I also speak on sharpening interpersonal skills, improving emotional intelligence, controlling stress, anxiety, and burnout, and developing a more satisfying, enjoyable, productive and meaningful worklife. You can see more about me at and contact me at

Dr. Randy Swanston — Have you ever wished you had a simple way to know precisely how your body was doing? Have you ever been fascinated with wanting to learn how to use Body Energy? How many times have you had a gut feel that something was wrong, before it happened? If you ever wanted to know about reading your body energy, balancing energy, or understanding your body's energy, I would be delighted to show you how in a "Muscle Testing as a key to your Body Energy and Healing" presentation.

I am Dr. Randy Swanston. For the past 25 years, I have practiced as a chiropractor, specializing in Natural Healing methods. For 23 of those years, I have used Muscle Testing as a primary indicator of The body's health status. I have been a "Total Body Modification" instructor for 6 years. In that role I taught health professionals how to read, and treat, the body for varied conditions. I will also be pleased to make presentations on weight loss and other areas of Health from a natural perspective. Please check my web site: , contact me at , or call me at 780-451-4600.

Deb Capone is the author of "Families Are Forever" and "Grandparents are for Loving ". Deb shares her humorous and informative "Parenting Secrets for Raising Successful Kids: Tips Your Own Mother Can't And Won't Tell You" talk with your audience. Visit for information and resources or email

Janet Smith — Is your company keeping its reservoir of goodwill full? Did you know that if it's not full, the future of your company is in jeopardy? No one with a stake in a company can afford to ignore this important business concept. Janet Smith presents, "The Power of Goodwill: Get it now before it's too late". Business owners in all industries and senior managers of companies large and small will learn about the intangible but measurable reservoir of goodwill that companies must keep full &because when a problem occurs (whether it be one dissatisfied customer, a product recall, layoffs or any crisis, no matter how small), goodwill begins to drain. If goodwill is generated when times are good, then a company can endure and rise above the not-so-good times — which are inevitable. Janet provides easy-to-follow steps for keeping the reservoir of goodwill full, using five simple public relations weapons that audience members can put to work immediately. The topic of goodwill is rarely touched on, yet is crucial to the success of every company. Janet's tales of companies that understand the power of goodwill and those that clearly do not will convince every business owner or top manager that they must put the power of goodwill to work for their company &before it's too late.

Janet has 25 years of experience in public relations, and is accredited by the Public Relations Society of America. She owns a full-service PR firm, Expansion Communications, in Kansas City, Mo. Janet can be reached at 816-941-3600, or at

Dr. Darcy Luadzers ( — Marriage and AASECT Certified Sex Therapist

Dr. Darcy will inform and entertain your audience with her energetic style and exciting topics, from "The Ten Minute Sexual Solution: How to Double Your Sex Life in 30 Days" to "Beyond the Bedroom: The Four Essential Steps to Make Your Marriage Work," A marriage and sex therapist for 20 years, Dr. Darcy is the new "Dr. Ruth" of our generation, who talks to the heart of people's desires: on love and sex. The author of "Virgin Sex: a girl's no-regrets guide to happy, healthy sex...the first time and every time," Dr. Darcy is also an expert on teen sex, with straight talk for teens and parent on "How ANY Parent Can Have 'The Talk' with Teens on Sex." Visit Dr. Darcy at, or go to her upcoming website, to get ONE FREE SEX QUESTION!

Gary Gagliardi — Gary makes it fun mastering the power of strategy. The award-winning author of a dozen books on strategy on topics from business to romance, Gary is the founder of the Science of Strategy Institute, which has trainers across America, Asia, and Europe. A fascinating and entertaining speaker, he has trained some of the world’s largest organizations in the science of strategy based on Sun Tzu’s The Art of War. Email for more information.

Madeline Frank, Ph.D.-Madeline the non-invasive medicine…music expert.

For over 25 years, Dr. Madeline Frank has helped children and adults overcome problems through music. Dr. Frank, a teacher, college professor, researcher, speaker, concert artist and parent has found a scientific link between studying and/or listening to musical instruments and academic and societal success. Music touches all of us where nothing else can. Her lively presentations are supported by scientific evidence and the true stories of courageous children and adults. Her topics include the following: How to turn your C student into an A student through music? How a family member you love with Alzheimer’s can remember by playing the music they love best? ; How music reduces tremors, improves motion and balance in a loved one affected with Parkinson’s? ; How music makes good scientists? Madeline Frank, Ph.D. is the 2005 best selling author of The Secret of Teaching Science and Math Through Music and the 2005 Parent To Parent Award winner for her book Musical Notes On Math, teaching fractions and decimals through the rhythm of music to grades K-5. Her new CD, Madeline’s Midnight Melodies, complements her books with a blend of dance music, gigues, tangos, ballet and favorites including Danny Boy, Puccini’s O Mio Babbino Caro, Debussy’s Claire De Lune and others. For more information on her work go to and to book Madeline Frank, Ph.D. as a speaker for your conference or seminar please contact her at

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