"For the First Time Ever I'm Making 
Full Reprint Rights Available For 
Some Of My Most Profitable Products...

and I want you to be one of the first to 
cash in on this jackpot!"

Dear Friend,

 It's true.  Never before have I ever offered full reprint rights to any of my products.  But now the time has come.  And I want to thank you for your support by giving you the first opportunity to cash in on this potential bonanza.

 You know from reading my publicity material that in 1990 I wrote a book titled 'How To Be Outrageously Successful With the Opposite Sex'.  It quickly became a super-seller all across this country and in many countries around the world.

 I followed up that book with a series of 20 special reports and 6 audio tapes.  Every one of those products shows single men and women how to find a partner, how to establish a relationship, how to get back into a relationship that ends, what to do if they're shy, how to wipe out the anxiety they feel, how to become the center of attention wherever they go, how to get almost anyone to fall in love with them, etc.

 You know my products.  You know that I produce only top-quality information products.  These are no different.

 They all sold like wild fire.  They continue to be hot sellers to this day.  I expect the demand for these products to never cool off.  For over 11 years, reporters from coast to coast have written stories about my dating and relationship products, each time leading to more people knowing about them and more sales.

 Why am I so sure they'll be hot sellers for decades to come?

 Every single day of every single year for the rest of eternity, there will be new singles coming onto the 'market'.  People who just left a relationship and are now looking for a new one.  People who have just divorced.  People whose partner has died.  People who've just 'come of age'.

 As single men and women find partners, a new group of singles pops up to take their place.

 These products have made me a fortune.  They've helped me live a life I only dreamed of for years.  They're cash cows, ready and willing to deliver.

 I want you to be able to cash in on this opportunity.  I want to 'share the profits' with you.

 OK, so maybe you're suspicious.  Why am I doing this?  Did a little bit of Mother Teresa rub off on me?  Why don't I just keep selling them and keep all the money myself?

 Here's the scoop.

 I've been selling information products for well over two decades.  To be very frank with you, I've made a bundle.  Enough to ease up on the marketing efforts and enjoy my 4 dogs and the rest of my life.

 But I just can't stand seeing these excellent, cash-cranking products just sitting on the shelf because I don't want to market them any more.

 That opens up a HUGE opportunity for you.

 For years I've been encouraging you and all of my subscribers to not only learn all they can about reprint rights but to also grab up as many quality reprint licenses as possible.  I haven't made any secret of how much I've benefited from reprint licenses. 

 In fact, Denise and I made an audio tape called 'Building Wealth With Licensing' that explains everything you could want to know about licensing.  (If you haven't heard this tape, either go to http://www.PRProfits.com/licensekit or call my office at 973-509-5244 for more information).

 Making reprint licenses available was the obvious way to go.

 Now you'll be able to obtain one of these reprint licenses and make as many copies of these products as you'd like and keep every penny of each sale.

  If you're willing to take my ready-to-go, everything-in-one-box products and marketing plan and run with them (with my guidance, of course), you could cash in BIG TIME!

'Who Am I Going to Sell These To?' You Might Ask...

 Great question.  You may not know anything about the singles market.  You may have been married for 30 years!  What do you know about being single?

 One of the great things about information marketing is that you don't have to be part of a market - or even know anything about the market - to make sales.

 Let me explain.

 There are an estimated 81+ million singles in America.  There's no way any one person  can possibly get to the millions of single people in the US, not to mention the hundreds of millions of singles in Canada and the rest of the world.

  Just today I did a brief, simple search on the Google search engine on the Internet.  I searched the terms 'Singles organizations' and 'singles + dating'.

I got 186,665 hits!!!

 Each one of these could be an opportunity for you to make sales, set up joint ventures, get new customers, open up new markets.

 You can contact these singles organizations giving them the opportunity to sell these products to their members.  In return, you'll split profits with them.  Heck, you didn't do any work.  They did it all...and you made money.  That's my idea of doing business!

 Then there are singles chat groups on the Internet.  And singles discussion forums, singles websites.  You can offer these products as fund raisers to singles groups. 

 You can have them listed in catalogs.  I'll even tell you where you can get a list of thousands of catalogs for about $10.  Contact these catalog companies, let them know what you have and see if you can make a deal.  If a catalog company lists your products, you could make some HUGE sales!!!

 I'll even include a complete set of 'catalog description sheets'.  These are the forms you'll have to submit to the catalog companies if you want them to consider your products.  If you send the wrong form or if you send the form filled out the wrong way, you'll wind up in the trash.

  So, here are just a few of the countless ways you could make sales.

  • You can insert the flyers I provide you with in singles publications and mailings



  • You can have singles publications run ads for free in exchange for a split of the sales



  • You can sell in large quantities to catalog houses



  • You can offer your products to singles organizations as fund raisers



  • You can offer the products as premiums to businesses that sell to singles

  •  Are you getting an idea of how huge this can be?

     Along with your license, I'll send you my complete marketing kit including display ads, classified ads, flyers, plus my advice on how to make sales and who to sell to.  This is based on my 10+ years working in the singles market.

     You don't have to be single or even know much about the singles market to make sales.  I'll teach you what you need to know.

     You'll get the benefit of the 11 years of marketing I've already done with these products.

    Hey Paul, if you've been marketing these products 
    for 11 years, isn't the market saturated?

     NO WAY!  It's just not possible.

     Remember what I said a while ago about the singles market changing every day of every year...forever!  Well how much do you think it would have changed in 11 years?  In that time millions and millions of new singles are looking for answers to their problems. 

     These are singles I've never touched even once.  They want answers and you'll have them.  These people will be happy to pay you for these answers.

     Let's take a look at what you'll get in your license package.

  •  you'll get a master copy of my smash hit book How To Be Outrageously Successful With the Opposite Sex



  •  you'll get several color cover masters for the book



  •  you'll get master copies of all 20 special reports



  •  you'll get master copies of all 6 audio tapes



  •  you'll get masters for all of the audio tape labels.  You just put a sheet of tape labels in any copy machine, press the button and you have labels



  •  you'll get the complete sales flyer for the book on disk.  This is the exact same flyer I've used to sell tens of thousands of books.  You'll be able to customize it with your own ordering information



  •  you'll get the complete catalog listing all of your products.  It comes complete with an order form.  It also comes on disk so you can customize it in minutes.



  •  you'll get a stack of camera-ready ads you can use to make sales



  •  you'll get dozens of classified ads.  These ads can either generate leads or make sales.



  •  you'll get tons of testimonials plus the right to reprint and use these testimonials in your sales materials



  •  you'll get a complete list of all my vendors - book printers   where you can get copies of the book printed for about $3.00 each; tape duplicators, label suppliers...everybody you could possibly need to produce top quality products



  •  you'll get a lifetime license certificate giving you permission to copy all of the products in the package as many times as you'd like and keep all of the money from each sale,

  •  Sound too good to be true?  Well, there are a few catches.  Read them carefully, because if you're going to get a license, you'll have to agree to these rules:

     1 - your license can't be transferred to anyone else.  It's your and yours alone.

     2 - you can't give any of these products away for free.  And why should you?  People are very willing to give you hard cash for this information.  Why give it away?  Too many people have purchased reprint licenses only to give the products away for free.  That completely devalued the product.  I'm going to be sure that doesn't happen by making this rule rock solid.  Give away any of these products without prior permission and you lose your license

     3 - you have to sell the products for the retail prices listed in the catalog you'll get in your package.  Does that mean you can't sell in wholesale quantities?  Absolutely not!  Also included in your kit is a complete set of wholesale pricelists.  When someone wants to buy from you in quantity and wants to know your wholesale prices, you'll just have to fax these sheets to them.  They contain all the information they'll need.  These sheets will also come on disk so that you can customize them in a snap.

     4 - you can't convert these products into a digital format.  I'm still not clear on whether or not I want these products put into digital format.  If I decide to, I'll let you know right away.  But no one except license holders will be able to offer the digital products.

     5 - since this is a license, there are no returns or refunds.  So be sure this is what you want.  If you have questions, call Denise in my office (973-509-5244).  She's the best.  She'll help you with anything you need to know to make a wise, informed decision.

     That's it.  Can you live with those rules?  If so, let's get you signed up and get the package of masters and sales material on it's way to you.

      Your investment for a lifetime reprint license for the entire package I've described in this letter is just $1,697. 

      That's not $1,697 per year.  That's just a one-time investment of $1,697.  Once you have your license, you'll never have to send me a penny more for royalties, sales, etc.  It's all your money to keep and do what you'd like with it.

    Hey, wait a minute.  I almost forgot your HUGE bonus!

     I couldn't wrap this up without telling you about the fantastic bonus package I've put together for you.

      FREE BONUS #1 - COMPLETE, PROFESSIONALLY DESIGNED WEBSITE - I don't have to tell you that the Internet is one of the hottest ways to sell just about any product.  So, I've had a FULL website professionally designed for you.  Your website will sell all of your products.  I'll also hook you up with a designer who will customize the site with your contact information.  He'll also help you get set up to accept credit cards - and this won't cost you a dime to set up!

    FREE BONUS #2 - I also sell reprint licenses for my 2 tape audio book, "How To Find The Love Of Your Life In 90 Days Or Less".  That license sells for $495.  But, when you purchase your license for this package, I'll give you a $395 discount on the purchase of your license for "How To Find The Love Of Your Life In 90 Days Or Less".  So for just an additional $100, a total of $1797, you'll get TWO valuable licenses.

     There you have it.  A complete, ready-to-go-out-of-the-box package of hot products along with all the masters, sales material and resource information you'll need.  You even get web pages to make your products available on the Internet.

     How can you possibly beat that?

     Right now, this minute, before anything else distracts you, CLICK HERE to order your license package RIGHT NOW!!!  We'll have your complete license package on it's way to you by FedEx.  As soon as you open it, you'll instantly know you made the right choice.  Everything will be right there, ready to go.  I'll walk you through every step to get you up on your feet and running.

     Don't waste another minute.  I'm not going to flood the market with these licenses.  I'm going to monitor them closely.  When I see there are enough out there to fill the need but not create throat-cutting competition, I'm going to cut them off.

     These products have done so much for me in so many ways.  I want to you to have this opportunity as well.

      One of my favorite quotes is:

    "Money can't buy you everything, but money can buy you freedom, and freedom is everything!"

      These products have given me my freedom.  Freedom to play with those four dogs I love so much.  Freedom to spend time with Mary.  Freedom to travel.  Freedom to do what I darned well please.

      What would you do with your freedom?  How are you going to become free?  This license opportunity and these products could be the answer.

    CLICK HERE to order your license package RIGHT NOW!!!  Have the license and the complete kit in your hands a few days from now.


     Paul Hartunian

    P.S. - Remember, for $1697 you get one license.  For just an additional $100, you get a second license - the license to my audiobook "How To Find The Love Of Your Life In 90 Days Or Less"

    CLICK HERE to order your license package RIGHT NOW!!!

    Before you know it, the Fed Ex truck will be pulling up to your house with your box full of goodies!

    P.P.S. - Earlier in the letter I told you that in your package you'll get the reprint rights to a big stack of killer testimonials.  Take a look at some of them:

    "This book has really changed my love life...I very well may have found Mr. Right."
                                                         Patricia Trahan, Lake Charles, LA

    "I wish this book had come into my life years ago." 
                                                                      Charles Karakaian, New York, NY

    "Best money I ever spent."
                                                                      Celia Presberg, Miami Beach, FL

    "I received your book after seeing you on TV; to say the least it changed my life."
                                                                       David S. Simpson, Keizer, OR

    "After I read your book I incorporated what I felt necessary for me to do (or not to do) on a date or to get a date.  Now I have over twenty women on my dating list and most of them call me!!!"
                                                                       Jack Haussman, Cincinnati, OH

    "Thanks for the dream come true."
                                                                       Brad Humphrey, Redondo Beach, CA

    "The ideas in the book gave me the courage to try again -- and they worked!"
                                                                       Patti Ann Schultz, Webster, NY

    "Your ideas are hot!"
                                                                           Ron Lancaster, Van Nuys, CA

    "It has changed my life and brought me so much joy."
                                                                        Mary K. Vasterling

    "I have never been so excited by a book in my life!"
                                                                        Betty Baum, Springfield, MO

    "No longer do I sit around at home wishing for someplace to go or someone to do things with.  Now I have difficulty fitting everything into my schedule.  The book is fantastic and I highly recommend it to any and all frustrated singles!!"
                                                                        Jeanne L. Harvey, Norwalk, CA

    "How to Be Outrageously Successful With the Opposite Sex" is truly a fantastic learning experience for the slightly shy person that I am."
                                                                          Dan Hysler, Springfield, IL

    "Paul, your book has had an unbelievable influence on my life.  I truly have had relationships with more women than I know what to do with, and the success is still coming."
                                                                           Gary Michael Smith, New Orleans

    "I'm a shy person.  You helped me get up my nerve!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!...Great book -- great ideas.  You done good, Paul.  Thanks!"
                                                                            Bruce R. Hopkins, Mesquite, TX

    "Your book has done wonders for my self-esteem."
                                                                        Maurice Finestrela, Syracuse, NY

    CLICK HERE to order your license package RIGHT NOW!!!

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