Would You Like To Get The Resale Rights
To Paul Hartunian's Publicity Video...
Absolutely FREE???

How would you like to have the resale rights to one of the hottest videos on the market today? And how would you like to get the rights for free?

Publicity whiz Paul Hartunian has produced a 90 minute video called "How To Get $1 Million Worth Of Publicity...FREE!" You can get the lifetime resale rights for this video, in DVD format, absolutely free. No catch. No obligation. No strings attached.

Here are the details:

You can purchase as many copies of the video as you'd like, but you must purchase a minimum of 25 videos at a time.

You pay only the actual manufacturing cost of the videos (which is about $3.00 each) plus actual UPS shipping costs to your door.

You are free to market these videos in any way you'd like. You can sell them, give them away, use them as bonuses, use them as upsells, add them to other products you have to increase the value of the package, etc. Market them in any way you'd like. You are also free to use the sales letter at www.PublicityDVD.com to sell and promote the video.

If you sell them, you keep all the money. There are no royalties or any other fees due to anyone. This video generally sells for $19.95 - 29.95.

You must not alter the video or packaging in any way. You cannot change the length of the video or add anything to the video.

That's it! (See, I told you there aren't any strings attached!)

To order the video in DVD format, contact Trina at Selby Marketing, 1-585-377-0750.

If you'd like a sample video, it's available for $19.95 postpaid. Call (973)857-4142 to order the sample. Or you can order a sample DVD online at www.PublicityDVD.com You can also call the office if you have any questions.

Paul Hartunian
Box 43596
Upper Montclair, NJ 07043

Phone (973)857-4142


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