"Indispensable for small business owners!"

Then you're going to LOVE this!

Dear Friend,

Like most small business owners, I am short on time and long on things to do. I've always wanted to have total control over my time. But somehow that rarely seemed to happen!

Everyday, I'd go to work brimming with new ideas to grow my business. But by the end of the day... nothing! I had my planner chock-full of appointments and deadlines, which seemed harder to meet every day.

It seemed like I just didn't have the time or focus to take my business to the next level. I was bogged down and stretched out to the limit. I knew I was working hard, but... something was eating away into the bulk of my time and energy.

Then one day I found the culprit. I was reading one of those 'regular' articles about time-management, but the headline virtually jumped out of the page and knocked my socks off. Quoting from a recent NAPEO research report, it said that

Small Business owners spend 25-40% of their time on administrative paperwork

So here I was, spending hours on unproductive paperwork and internal emails without even realizing it. Hours I should have spent on growing my business and fulfilling orders!

Now I didn't want a full-time Personal Assistant, so I decided to find a better solution to my problem — and I did. It's called "593 Business Letters, Forms and Templates". This is the dream come true.

You just start this simple little program and zap, right in front of you, on your screen, is a list of 593 business letters, forms, agreements, contracts, etc. for just about any purpose you can imagine. Simply click on the one you want, fill in your personal information, click "Print" and out comes the finished product. It's takes just seconds to get the exact form you want, instead of hours when you start from scratch.

Run your business like clockwork!

If you don't like to be interrupted with nagging (but important) tasks such as following up with customers and suppliers or sending out memos to employees, then this product could save you a bunch of time and money!

5 9 3 Templates
For Business Correspondence

Has any SINGLE product delivered so many benefits to your business?

img/checkmark.gif 21x23 Your business correspondence is the most visible face of your company. Now you can use each template to create a positive impression about your business!
img/checkmark.gif 21x23 Become an effective time manager and powerful communicator
img/checkmark.gif 21x23 Keep customers, suppliers and staff better informed and motivated
img/checkmark.gif 21x23 Avoid confusion or loopholes with clear, concise and accurate information
img/checkmark.gif 21x23 Outline Business Procedures: Let people know who they're dealing with and what's the next step.
img/checkmark.gif 21x23 Open new lines of communication with existing customers and prospects.
img/checkmark.gif 21x23 Get valuable feedback with professional forms and customer satisfaction surveys!
img/checkmark.gif 21x23 Stop losing sleep over embarrassing spelling or grammar errors!
img/checkmark.gif 21x23 Be consistent: Don't let different people within your organization respond with different answers to the same question!
img/checkmark.gif 21x23 Save hundreds of $$$ in typing time!
img/checkmark.gif 21x23 Avoid the frustration of staring at a blank screen!

As Important as a Logo or Letterhead!

You've probably spent thousands of $$$ on getting professional business stationery. Now tell me, how many people are going to notice your stunning logo if your letter is full of embarrassing typos? Or worse, if you just can't get that "Thank you" letter out on time?! The Best Return on your Dollar!

"593 Templates..." gives you INCREDIBLE value for every dollar spent. In fact, just a few of these templates are enough to cover the cost of the ENTIRE Package!!

You can get it all for just $79 for the entire package. At that price "593 Templates.." pays for itself the first time you use it!

"593 Business Templates" comes on a PC CD-ROM which will be sent to you by US mail as soon as you place your order.

bullet.gif 17x19 What do you stand to lose if you DON'T order these templates?
bullet.gif 17x19 Why SHOULDN'T you invest just $79 in looking and sounding more professional to your customers, suppliers and staff?

It's really a simple decision and I'm SURE you won't regret it. In fact, it's the best value for money you could possibly get for $79. Heck, you spend more than that on a pack of business cards — do you think twice before giving away those?!! Yet, you're about to toss the opportunity to look equally professional in your business correspondence.

Unless you REALLY like to squander an excellent opportunity, you'd be CRAZY to walk away from this empty handed!! CLICK HERE TO ORDER and start making a noticeable difference in your business correspondence!

Paul Hartunian

PS: All it takes is just a few clicks to save up to 40% of your time — day after day, everyday! Now tell me that 40% your time isn't worth $79. Go on, TRY!!!