Learn The Secrets Of Launching Your Own Million-Dollar Direct-Mail Business On A Shoe String Budget!

It's crazy that anyone can make
 this much money with so little work!

Dear Friend,

Imagine this:

Next Monday morning instead of going to work, you drop by the Post Office and mail 1,000 letters. And then you take a break. Because mailing those letters is all the work you need to do...

To boost your income possibilities up to $30,000 or more per month!

Sounds like a fantasy? It isn't. It is the Direct Mail Business.

No doubt you've heard about it. And no doubt you've also heard stories of people who started with just a few dollars and ended up making a fortune in the business. (Like the lady who sold two thousand copies of her pecan pie recipe with an eight dollar classified ad, or the country gentleman from Kentucky who made thousands selling a home-brew video tape about raising pet pigs).

In the direct mail business, stories like these are not unusual. Fortunes have been made and are still being made in this business. By people like you. People with a desire to make money without becoming a slave to a job or a business.

And maybe that's one reason so many people enjoying success in this business are saying...

"Operating a direct mail business is the ultimate way to earn an income in the 21st Century!"
The advantages of getting into and profiting from this business are many. Including...
ü You can still start on a shoe string. Starting with a budget of less that five hundred dollars you can build a direct mail business that can make you more than two hundred thousand a year!

ü You don't need employees and you don't need a retail store front or office space! You can run the entire business by yourself, and you can do it in your spare time!

ü There's no selling involved. You'll never have to go on a single sales call as your customers respond to your ads and direct mail letters.

ü You don't have to invest in inventory. Many products you can sell are available on a drop-ship basis directly to your customers from the supplier. You let your customers pay for the product, and you keep the profit.

ü There's no upper limit to the income you can make! A single ad placed in the right magazine can be seen by millions of potential customers and generate thousands of sales. And anytime you want to make more sales and more money, you just place more ads!

ü And, best of all, the whole operation can be put on auto-pilot. After you place your ads, you can sit back and watch the orders pour in. You can even use a service bureau to take and process your orders, ship your products, and send you a monthly check for your profits!

All of this adds up to the Ultimate Business. You can earn as you like, and you won't be tied to a store. You can spend your time with your loved ones, traveling the world, or just enjoying the good life. (And few other jobs or businesses offer you that!)

The Secret Behind The Success

So, if this is the ultimate business, why isn't everyone in it?

Well, while it is true that fortunes can, and are being made in direct mail, most people who get into this business never make a penny! Simply because...

They don't know what they are doing!

It's true. Most people getting into this business either get in without doing any research or they rely on out-dated books and advice from so-called 'experts' who make their living giving advice (instead of making a living doing direct mail). And this is almost always a fatal mistake.

See, success in direct mail can be very simple to achieve - if you follow some simple guidelines. It is much like baking a cake. If you have the recipe, and all the right ingredients, even you can bake a cake. But if you try to bake a cake without a recipe, and without any idea what ingredients are to make a cake, you're going to end up with a real mess on your hands.

It's the same way with direct mail.

If you know the recipe for success, and the right ingredients, success can be easy... and unbelievably profitable!

But, where do you find that recipe?

It's like anything else. If you really want to learn how to do something right, you've got to find someone who is already successfully doing whatever it is you want to do. And then follow their recipe. (But whatever you do, don't take advice from people not in the game. It's easy for bystanders to tell you what you can and can't do, but never forget, they are just bystanders and that's probably all they'll ever be!)

Anyway, if you want to make a great cake, find someone who already makes a great cake, and watch how they do it. And if you want to be a success in direct mail starting with a limited budget, find someone who's done it recently. Find someone who in the last few years started with nothing, and built a very profitable direct mail business. Then convince them to reveal to you their recipe for success. Including:

ü How to launch a successful direct mail business starting with nothing.

ü How to find enough money to roll out your first project (and why you won't need much!)

ü How to find (or create) surefire projects that almost always make money.

ü How to put together a product offer your customers can't resist.

ü How to write ads and direct mail copy that really pull in orders.

ü And, most important, how to arrange your life so you can enjoy the profits and free time that success in direct mail can deliver.

Of course, you'll also want your expert to provide examples of his most successful projects, and his inside sources for finding the mechanical ingredients every direct mail projects needs. You'd probably also want him to provide his check list for project success detailing every step needed to get rich in this business.

Now, if you could do this, your success would almost be assured. But convincing someone already enjoying the success this business can bring to drop everything he's doing to show all the secrets of his business might prove to be a little difficult. But it can be done. Here's how.

P.O. Box Millionaire Reveals His Secrets!

Recently, Bill and Karen Myers, one of the most successful husband and wife teams in the direct mail business today, shared the recipe for their success in direct mail with attendees of a $6,500 marketing seminar in Key West, Florida. During this seminar, they revealed:

ü How to roll out a profitable direct mail project starting with less than $500!

ü How to know before you start if a project will be profitable or will become a 'no win' situation!

ü How to get credit card payments processed (even if don't have a merchant account!)

ü How to identify a 'Ripe' market, and where to find a mailing list for it.

ü How to find or develop the ultimate product (you'll be surprised how easy this can be!)

ü Why starting on a limited budget almost always guarantees you a better chance of success! (And why starting with too much money usually causes problems!)

ü The most important word you need to know when getting into direct mail business! And how using this word often can earn you thousands.

ü How to earn as much as 80,000 in one hour (you'll see it actually done!)

ü Plus, an amazing plan so simple, yet so powerful, that almost anyone starting with a $500 budget can be making $30,000 a month in less than a year!

And that's not all! Bill and Karen give you so much more! There's so much power-packed information, there's no way I could cover it all in this brief letter. Participants got bombarded with expert wealth-building advice that can make them loads of money!

Nothing was held back. They showed in easy-to-follow, step-by-step detail how they did it, and how easy it can be for anyone to make $30,000 a month! Not with some exotic get-rich schemes, but just by following the same techniques that have been proven to work, time and time again.

Success Can be Yours Too!

If you are truly interested in making money in the direct mail business, you need to know what these direct mail experts revealed at that seminar. And now, for the first time ever, you can get the complete uncut set of both video tapes and audio tapes of their presentation! (3 videos and 4 audios) PLUS, their complete manual as well!

Having this remarkable resource is like owning the Goose that Laid the Golden Egg. Anytime you need advice on putting together a direct mail letter, an ad, or any other promotion, you can refer back to this set of videos, audios and manual and find exactly what it is that you need. It's like having an expert there in your office with you to help get the job done! You don't spend time reinventing the wheel. This package gives you an almost-unfair advantage.

How Much Will This Amazing Package Cost You?

You heard me say earlier, had you been at this event live, you would have paid a high $6,500.00 to get this information. Granted, you will never have the experience of being there live. That cannot be duplicated... However, you can get the complete set of uncut 3 video tapes, 4 uncut audio tapes and one manual called: "How To Earn $30,000 A Month In Direct Mail," featuring one of the most successful husband and wife teams in direct mail explaining their recipe for success for much less than $6,500.00.

Instead, you can get the complete set... all for $267.00... And you are fully protected by my Risk-Free Guarantee

My Risk-Free Guarantee Protects You In Every Way!

Here is my guarantee to you: Simply order the "How To Earn $30,000 A Month In Direct-Mail" package today! It's fresh, new, and different than anything you've ever seen! Watch one or all of the video tapes. Listen to the audios. Read the manual. If you're not convinced that this package can give you everything you need to potentially make up to $30,000 a month in direct-mail, simply return everything within 90 days for a complete refund. That's totally risk free!

Now, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and fill out the Secure Order Form and submit it today! We'll RUSH our HUGE package to you immediately!


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